Yashwantrao Chavan College is committed “to impart an excellent, qualitative higher education to the children of farmers in hilly, underdeveloped, remote areas and turn them into enlightened citizen to contribute for the nation building.”


           Our mission is to provide the quality higher education to the poor farmer’s children of Chandgad Taluka, and of the neighboring remote villages of Karnataka and Goa states.


  • To pursue the motto “Dnyan Hech Amrut”.
  • To make relentless efforts to impart education to all classes and creeds and communities irrespective of particularly agriculturists.
  • To promote all sorts of education to rural masses in adjoining area.
  • To provide facilities to rural intellectual young men and women.
  • Through education, develop among girls and boys a sense of discipline, alone for play and straight forward behavior, spirit of service, honesty and sacrifice; build a strong character, high principles of tolerance and systematic outlook.
  • To develop a sense of spirit of unity and destroy all social, economical, religious prejudices.
  • To inculcate moral values and ideas of Indian culture and Indian ways of life.
  • To develop the personality and character of the students through value education and ICT –based education.

The emblem of vision and mission of the institution is communicated through website of the College and on display board at prime location of the Institution.