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Daulat Vishwash Sanstha’s
2020 – 2021

  Month Academic Activity Organising committee
  June Beginning of Academic Year (22/06/2020)  
   Meeting of Staff  
  Formation of Admission and Academic Committees  
  IQAC Meeting  for the Planning of Academic year IQAC 
   Preparation and display of tentative time table time table committee
  Admission Process  
  Departmental  Meetings  All Departments
  Celebration of International Yoga Day (21/06/2020) N.S.S. 
  July Organization of workshop on use of ICT activities and E-resources in education  ICT
  Meetings of  All Academic  Committees for planning All Academic committee
  Meeting of Library Advisory Committee Library Advisory Committee
  Celebration of World Population Day (11/07/2020) Geogrophy Department
  Celebration of Birth Anniversary of Lokmanya Tilak (23/07/2020) Cultural & N.S.S.
  Addmission process for N.S.S.  N.S.S
  Celebration of Kargil Victory Day(26/07/2020) N.S.S. 
  Organisation of LectureTo provide information about rules and regulations for games and sports.  Gymkhana
  Organisation of physical fitness program  Gymkhana
  Organisation of Bridge courses All Departments
  Organisation of Awareness lecture about COVID-19  Department of Chemistry and Science Association
  Organisation of Alumni Meet Alumni Committee
  Devolpment of various sports field  Gymkhana
  Organisaition of Workshop on  "Use of ICT activity for teaching faculty and non teaching staff" ICT committee
  Organisation of Wel-come function for new comers Cultural committee
  Organisation of lecture on personality devlopment  Personality Devlopment
  Celebration of Birth Anniversary of Premchand (31/07/2020) Hindi Department
  Organisation of lecture to guide the faculty members regarding research activies, devolpment of linkages with national institusions, colleges, universities etc. Research Review & Promotion
  Organisation of Visit for Biodivrsity Studies in Nearby Forest Zoology Department
  August Celebration of Birth Anniversary of Anna Bhavu Sathe (01/08/2020) Cultural & N.S.S.
 Death Anniversary of Lokmanya Tilak (01/08/2020)
Cultural & N.S.S.
  Celebration of  Revolutionary Day (09/08/2020) Cultural & N.S.S. History Dept.
  Celebration of death anniversary of Narshingrao Patil ( Founder Daulat vishwasth Sanstha) (09/08/2020) Caltural
  Celebration of ‘Independence Day' , Publication Of  First issue of Daulat Wall-Paper ‘Independence Day special' (15/08/2020) Cultural , N.S.S. and Wall Paper Committee , Gymkhana
  Guidance on competitive examination. Competative Examination committee
  Celebration of  Rakshya Bandhan 16/08/2020 Cultural & N.S.S.
   Submission OF Scholarship Form Scholarship Committee
   Submission Of Eligibility form Office
  Organisation of Health Awareness Programme Staff Academy
  Organisation of Guest Lecture English Department
  Girl students meeting Internal complaints committee
  Organisation of  Lecture on GST Accountancy Dept.
  Organisation of the Tree Plantation Programme  N.S.S
  Conduction of Remedial Coaching Classes for slow Learners  Various Departments
  Organisation of Mehandi Competition Women Empowerment Committee 
  Workshop on "Career Opportunuities after Graduation" Placement Cell
  Inspiring lecture Internal complaints committee
  Well-Come function Cultural Committee
  Internal Examination- Unit Test-I Exam Department
  Allotments of student (menties) to faculty (Mentors) S.S.S
  Inauguration of NSS N.S.S
  Organisation of "Swachha Bharat Abhiyan" N.S.S
  Organisation of "Shramdan" N.S.S
  Plantation of Tree in college campus N.S.S
  Organisation of Awareness & motivational programme regarding Scholarship Scholarship Committee
  Organisation of Guest Lecture of Alumni  Chemistry Department
  Filling the scholarship forms for Gov & Rajashri Chh. Shahu maharaj Scholarship Scholarship Committee
  Organisation of Workshop on Personality Development for Teachers Personality Development 
  Organisation of Expert speech and demo on various sports and games  Gymkhana
  Guest lecture of eminent scientist Botany Department
  Organisation of Essay Competition  Hindi Department
  Organisation of Nutrition and diet awareness programme Gymkhana
  Organisation of special coaching camp for selected players Gymkhana
  Organisation of students seminar series  Chemistry Department
  Organisation of students seminar series  Physics Department
  Publication of first Wallpaper regarding Management  Industrial Management Dept.
  Submission of University Exam Forms ( Semester- I, III & V ) Office
  Inauguration function of Science Association and Lecture on Scientific Attitude Science Association
  September Celebration of Teacher's Day & Birth Anniversary of Dr. Sarvpalli Radhakrishanan  (05/09/2020)             Cultural
  Organisation of Meeting of all Girls Students  ICC Committee
  Workshop on "Personality and Skill Devolopement" Placement Cell
  Organisation of MOU Activity and Alumni Lecture  History Department
  Organisation of Taluka Level Young Assemble and Speech Competition   Alumni committee
  Publication of Second Issue of Daulat WallPaper "Wild Vegetable Special" Wall paper committee
  Organization of Seminar on IPR IQAC
  Conduction of Unit test  Exam Committee 
  Organization of Lecture on Marketing   Industrial Management Dept. 
  Organization of Lecture of  Alumni   Department of Chemistry
  Guest Lecture of Alumni English Department
   Preparation for Yuva Mahotsav & Participiation Cultural
  Celebration of Hindi Day (14/09/2020) Hindi Department
  Organistion of Guest Lecture  Chemistry Department
  Publication of Second Issue of WallPaper Wallpaper Committee
  Inauguration  of Staff Academy Staff Academy
  Seminar Series  Chemistry Department
  To conduct awareness programme related to Laws  Women Empowerment
  Organistion of " Nirmalya and Plastic " collection programme in Ganesh Chaturathi N.S.S
   Celebration of 'N.S.S. Day' (24/09/2020) N.S.S
  Organistion of "Shramdan"  N.S.S
  Organistion of Athletic Coaching Camp Gymkhana
  Guidence for use of Latest tools and Machinery for Practicing the Games Gymkhana
  Organistion of Personal Coaching for Elite Athletes  Gymkhana
  Organistion of Fitness Component Training  Gymkhana
  Organistion of Coaching camp for selected players (Volleyball and Wrestling) Gymkhana
  Organistion of Workshop on " Use of E- Resoures and ICT activities for teaching faculty and non teaching staff ICT committee
  Publication of first issue Chemistry Wallpaper  Chemistry Department
  Organisation of Visit to Poultry farm as a part of Study Zoology Department
  October Celebration of Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahaddur Shastri (02/10/2020) Cultural,  N.S.S. & History Dept.
  Organissation of extra guidance Lecture History Dept
  Organisation of Heath Awareness Program I C C Committee
  Organisation of Workshop on Use of TCT  IQAC
  Organistion of  Lecture on Financial Investment Staff Academy
  Organistion of Seminar  History Dept
  Organisation of Lecture about Awareness and to Motivate Students about Verious Scholorships  Scholarship Committee
  Organisation of 'Shramadan' N S S
  Organisation of Fit India Programme N S S
  Organisation of Extra Guidance and Exam Perparation Commerce Department
  Organisation of Seminar  Hindi Department
  Organisation of Lecture on'Various Factor of Sports Phychology Gymkhana
  Organisation of Lecture on Innovative Training Method's and Technology in Various Game's  Gymkhana
  Organisation of Coaching Camp for selected players (Wt. lifting powerlifiting & Judo)  Gymkhana
  Organisation of Adventure Sports (tracking) Gymkhana
  Celebration of Birth Anniversary of  Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam (15/10/2020) Science Association
  Seminar Series for B.Sc.-I/II Students Zoology Department
  Nov. Organisation of Guest Lecture  Chemistry Department
  Organisation of Remedial Coaching  Chemistry Department
  Publication of Wallpaper  Physics Department
  Organisation of Guidance Lecture Physics Department
  First Term End Meeting of Staff  
  University Exam. Work Assessment  
  Organisation of National Seminar IQAC
  Organisation of lecture on Bad effect of Social Media Ethics
   Organisation of Essay Writing Competition  Cultural Department
   Organisation of Helth Awareness Programme's Gymkhana
  Beginning of Second Term. Meeting of Staf  
  Departmental meetings All Department's 
  Organisatoin of Essay Competition  N.S.S.
  Organisation of Lecture on Career Opportunitie's  Career Guidance and Placement Cell 
  Dec Metting of Staff  
  Departmental meetings All Department's 
  Organisation of National Seminar Chemistry Department
  Conduction of Poem Writing Competition Marathi Department
  Organisation of Bllod Donation Camp N.S.S
  Celebration National Consumer Day and Publication of Wallpaper  Commerce Department
  Celebration of World Soil Day  Geography Department
  Organisation of Workshop on Time Management and Positive Thinking  Personality Development Committee
  Organisation of  Gender Equality Programme IQAC 
  IQAC meeting IQAC 
  To conduct vorious physical tests Gymkhana
  Mahanirvan Day (06/12/2020) Cultural 
  Organisation of Guest Lecture   Science Association
  Organisation of Alumni Meet Alumni and Students Parent Committee
  Annual Sports Gymkhana
  Organisation of 'Shramadan' N.S.S.
  Organisation of the Skill Development Programme Gymkhana
  Organisation of sports activies  Gymkhana
  Organisation of Visit to Dholgarwadi Snake Park Zoology Department
  January Organisation of Residential Camp N S S
  Celebration of Birth Anniversary of Savitribai Phule History/ ICC
  Celebration of Birth Anniversary of Rashtramata Jijau and Swami Vivekanand  History Department
  Condution of Mid test II Exam Department
  Condution of Short term Course  Physics/English/IQAC Department
  Celebration of Geography Day  Geography Department
  Organisation of Workshop on  Way to Develop Positive Attitude  Personality Development Committee
  Organisation of Lecture on Share Market  Commerce Department
  Publication of Wallpaper  Gymkhana
  Organisation of Guest Lecture  Hindi Department
  Organisation of Theoretical and Classroom Presentation of Various Game Using LCD Gymkhana
  Organisation of Guest Lecture on Effective Teaching Method's Gymkhana
  Organisation of Elocution Comptition  Cultural 
  Celebration of Republic Day (26/01/2021) Gymkhana/Cultural Committee
  Celebration of Birth Anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose (23/01/2021) History Department
  Implementation of Students Research Projects,MOU Activity-Field Work Zoology Department
  Organisation of Group discussion and Seminar's  Accountancy/Indeustrial Management
  Organisation of Campus Interview II  Career Guidance and Placement Cell
  Celebration of Global Suryanamskar Day  N S S
  February Organisation of Guidance to Prepare E-Content Study Material of Students Activity for Teaching Faculty. ICT committee
  Organisation of Annual Prize Distribution Function  Caltural 
  Organisation of State Level Online Elocution Competion Caltural 
  Condution of Physical Education Exam Gymkhana
  Organisation of Conselling  Gymkhana
  Organisation of Social Awareness Programme Staff Academy
  Publication of Wallpaper  Hindi Department
  Organisation of Awareness Programme Rigarding Rules and Regulation 's I C C Committee
  Organisation of Workshop on Gender Equality and Women Right's  Personality Development Committee
  Publication of Wallpaper and Magazine  I Q A C
  Publication of Wallpaper  Physics Department
  Organisation of Educational tour Group Projects and Extra Corricular Activities  English Department
  Conduction of Seminar Home Assignment for Third year Students Exam Department
  Publication of Wallpaper History Department
  Celebration of Birth Anniversary Shivaji Maharaja (19/02/2021) History Department
  Celebration of National Science Day (28/02/2021)  Science Association,Chemistry/Physics Department
  Conduction of Seminar Series for B.Sc.I/II Students  Zoology Department
  Organisation of Remedial Classes and Extra Guidance  Accountancy/Indeustrial Management
  March Celebration of International Womens Day  N S S
  Celebration of Birth Anniversary of Yashwantrao Chavan (12/03/2021) Caltural 
  Organisation of National Seminar Hindi Department
  Organisation of Workshop on IPR Personality Development Committee
  Conduction of Acadmic and Administrative Audit  IQAC
  Organisation of Guest Lecture on Share Market Commerce Association
  Organisation of Guest Lecture  English Department
  Organisation of Extansion Activities History Department
  Celebration of World Water Day (23/03/2021) Geography Department
  Organisation of Post Season Preparation Camp Gymkhana
  Organisation of Rehabilitation Camp Gymkhana
  Organisation of Fare-Well Function Caltural 
  Organisation of Career Guidance Lecture for B.Sc.II Students Zoology Department
  Organisation of Guest Lecture  Chemistry Department
  April Organisation of Inaugural Funcation of Soil Testing Laboratory and Certificate Course in Soil Anlysis Chemistry Department 
  Organisation of Youth Funcation  Caltural 
  Organisation of Guruvary Gurunath Vitthal Patil Elocution Compettion Caltural 
  Celebration of World Earth Day (22/04/2021) Geography Department
  Organisation of Pre-Season Coaching Camp  Gymkhana
   May Organisation of Guest Lecture  Commerce Association 
  Organisation of Workshop on Use of ICT Tools in Teaching-Learning Process I C T
  IQAC meeting IQAC
  Meeting of Staff